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Does anyone still enjoy the "69 Position?"

I’m watching an old “Sex and the City” episode, and the ladies posed a great question that I had to ask myself: Do people still enjoy the “69 Position?” And, I don’t think people are. Are you? It’s been ages since I’ve done this oral sex technique, but I found as I got older those... Read more »

A New Urban Gay Network that 'GLOs'

Let’s be honest. Their isn’t a network out there that caters or listens to the urban gay person. Not Logo. Not here!. Nothing. Well, not until now… GLO TV Network, the world’s only television network catering to the Urban LGBT community and it’s allies, premiered in September. It was founded in 2010, and it’s the... Read more »

"Cruising" Through Jackson Park

I ran across this blog called The South Side Housing Digest by a fellow named William Godwin. He recently posted a blog titled, “The Fight to Clean Up Jackson Park’s Public Sex Program.” He got the idea for this blog from a CBS 2 News Special Report talking about gay sex near the Museum of Science and Industry.   Call... Read more »