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Independent Artists Making their Mark in Chicago

In the past, Independent artists had to struggle to get their music heard on a national level. That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the internet, literally, anyone with talent, charisma and a musical flare can make a name for themselves. Enter Alicia ‘Ya Yah’ Townsend and The20Fours. Alicia ‘Ya Yah’ Townsend is no stranger to music. Actually, you might... Read more »

Lexus, I'm Listening!

Not only does Lexus sell amazing cars but they’re now hosting amazing listening parties. Last week, The Lexus Listening Lounge graced Chicago once again. The Lexus Listening Lounge is an national event series that allows people to not only check out the hottest Lexus car but the latest R&B recording artists. This year, the luxury car... Read more »