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The Courage of CNN's Don Lemon

Former Chicago NBC Anchor Don Lemon is, arguably, changing the game. Now, a CNN anchor, Don Lemon recently posted a Twitter link to a New York Times article announcing his new book, Transparent, in stores on June 16, in which the anchorman reveals that he is gay. Lemon will become one of three openly gay anchors... Read more »

Should news anchors be transparent about their sexuality?

Well, apparently MSNBC Rachel Maddow thinks so. The “out” lesbian news anchor said in an interview with the Guardian that closeted gay anchors should come out. And, she said in a later interview that she’s not referring to a certain CNN anchor. “I’m sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they’re doing... Read more »

Ricky Martin to Greet Chicago Fans

International superstar Ricky Martin, who is returning to the spotlight after after coming out gay on his website in March, arrives in Chicago this Friday night to promote his new memoir, entitled Me. In his memoir, Martin is talking about his March decision to come out gay, raising his two sons, Valentino and Matteo, and... Read more »