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Finally, Glee's First Gay Kiss!

I’m not a huge fan of the show Glee but my partner adores it. The cheesy themed songs and awkward dance choreography drives me insane. But, last night’s episode of Glee, touched on pressing issues including anti-gay bullying, character Kurt Hummel received his highly anticipated first gay kiss, from a very unexpected source. Watch what... Read more »

Another African American Gay Male Commits Suicide

Joseph Jefferson’s chilling last words, shared on Facebook with his friends, were: “I could not bear the burden of living as a gay man of color in a world grown cold and hateful towards those of us who live and love differently than the so-called ‘social mainstream.’ Belonging is one of the basic human needs,... Read more »

It Gets Better...

I was completely stunned when I learned of a Rutgers University student killed himself after his sexual encounter with another boy was broadcast online by his college roommate, he joined a growing list of gay suicides in recent months. The Rutgers student, Tyler Clementi, apparently jumped to his death from a New York City bridge... Read more »