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No More DownLows??

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Just discovered this award winning webseries: NoMoreDownLow.TV,  The newcast format remembers the victims of unsolved murders, attacks and hate crimes in the African American same gender loving community. I absolutely love this. There’s literally nothing out there like this. Their goal is clear: they want to bring public awareness and change to culture/group that has... Read more »

McDonald's beating video: Transgender Woman Attacked By Two Women

The victim of a vicious beating at a Maryland McDonald’s is a transgendered woman, according to a LGBT advocacy group that’s calling for authorities to investigate the case as a hate crime. The shocking video shows the transgender woman being kicked in the head by two African American girls at the Rosedale fast food chain... Read more »

Hate Crime Videos Go Viral

It seems that hate crime stories are going viral. Which is a great idea. Justin Alesna, a Detroit man who received no assistance following a brutal, hate-filled attack, has taken matters into his own hands — on YouTube. The 23-year-old went into a gas station for a pack of cigarettes, he says he was accosted... Read more »

Uganda Paper Publishes Photos Of Gays

The front-page newspaper story featured a list of Uganda’s 100 “top” homosexuals, with a bright yellow banner across it that read: “Hang Them.” Alongside their photos were the men’s names and addresses. CBS News reported that in the days since it was published, at least four gay Ugandans on the list have been attacked and... Read more »