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No More DownLows??

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Just discovered this award winning webseries: NoMoreDownLow.TV,  The newcast format remembers the victims of unsolved murders, attacks and hate crimes in the African American same gender loving community. I absolutely love this. There’s literally nothing out there like this. Their goal is clear: they want to bring public awareness and change to culture/group that has... Read more »

The Real Gay Men of Atlanta

Is this the male version of Real Housewives?? . . Either way, I’m intrigued! Last month, around the net, a new reality show focusing on the gay black men of Atlanta-and their “down low” worlds – was in the works. And, it looks like it’s close to being a done deal.  Their official reel for... Read more »

Suspect Your Man's Gay?

I couldn’t resist posting this but, Bet.com decided to provide a list of stereotypical things that may or may not suggest that your man is “a gay.” Of course, the only way to really know is by asking him about his sexuality, but, in case that doesn’t work, here’s their guide to figuring it out;... Read more »