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Voguing in Detroit May Save Your Life, Suggests A New Documentary

Voguing in Detroit May Save Your Life, Suggests A New Documentary
It could be assumed that voguing is taking over the world. A new documentary dives into this subculture that’s offering solace for queer people in one of America’s most dangerous cities, Detroit. In Vogue, Detroit—a documentary short produced in conjunction with Dazed Digital—filmmaker Mollie Mills explores the positive ways in which the unique dance tradition founded in... Read more »

Hate Crime Videos Go Viral

It seems that hate crime stories are going viral. Which is a great idea. Justin Alesna, a Detroit man who received no assistance following a brutal, hate-filled attack, has taken matters into his own hands — on YouTube. The 23-year-old went into a gas station for a pack of cigarettes, he says he was accosted... Read more »

Yet Another Gay Teen Suicide, This Time in Michigan

A gay teenaged college student at Oakland University in Michigan killed himself, authorities reported. Corey Jackson, 19, hanged himself on Oct. 19th and his body was found in a wooded area of the university campus. Although, there’s no evidence that the student suffered anti-gay bullying, authorities believe it was something deeper than that. “We have... Read more »