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2013's United Black Pride

2013's United Black Pride
Windy City Times reports that Chicago Windy City Black Pride and Windy City Black Pride have FINALLY merged and are now called, wait for it, United Black Pride. Over the last decade, there’s been rumors of allege fraud, stolen money, infighting…the list goes on. Now, the leaders from the former organizations, and the Rocks Coordinating... Read more »

Crimson Lounge's "White Party" Recap

  The handsome K-Dock men, (L) David Dodd, Tee Lam, Rannon Harris, Tony Williams and Kean Ray, pose with the “angels” of the White party. K-Dock’s first event Saturday night at the Crimson Lounge proved to be a huge success. Hundreds of Chicagoans, and out of towners – more than 500 people - showed up to... Read more »

Chicago's Black Pride Recap 2010

Chicago’s Black Pride celebrated its 11th Anniversary the first week in July, usually held during the July 4th weekend. The week-long celebration is arguably one of the most important events in Chicago’s African American LGBT community.  Throughout the week, many African American LGBTs attend seminars, poetry slams, movie screenings, comedies, and a grand outdoor festival,... Read more »