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Beyonce: On Acceptance, Healing, The Black Effect, Spirituality, and Freedom

Beyonce: On Acceptance, Healing, The Black Effect, Spirituality, and Freedom
By: Reginald Di’onne, Guest Blogger Beyonce is no spring chicken when it comes to serving refreshments, with a little lemon, concocting lemonade.The 36 year old singer shows us yet again how she turns lemons into lemonade by revealing her truths in Vogue’s 2018 September magazine. Gaining a lot of weight after giving birth, Queen Bey confesses... Read more »

'Dark Girls' Documentary Sheds Light on Skin-Color Bias

Is it me or does it seem like Beyonce is actually looking lighter and lighter these days? Well, this is the perfect time to release a documentary geared toward darker skinned African Americans. “Dark Girls” is a new documentary by Bill Duke explores the deep-seated biases and attitudes about skin color that are experienced particularly... Read more »

We can do better than civil unions

Ever since I first heard Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” in fall 2008, I’ve been scouting out the perfect rings and planning my dream wedding–even if it meant unleashing my inner Groomzilla from time to time. Now that experience is closer than ever for same-sex couples in Illinois. To read the entire... Read more »

Suspect Your Man's Gay?

I couldn’t resist posting this but, Bet.com decided to provide a list of stereotypical things that may or may not suggest that your man is “a gay.” Of course, the only way to really know is by asking him about his sexuality, but, in case that doesn’t work, here’s their guide to figuring it out;... Read more »