What is Chicago's Most Favorite AirbnBs for the Summer of 2019??

What is Chicago's Most Favorite AirbnBs for the Summer of 2019??

Are you a fanatic about Airbnb's from around the globe? I literally become obsessed with Airbnb listings that I spend hours looking for the perfect place that fits my home-away-from-home feeling. After scrolling throw [thoushnds of listings and finding a few that either out of my budget or too to be true; I have made it my mission to find and experience my five favorite Chicago Airbnbs in Chicago. We'll be doing social media videos and introducing you to the Airbnb hosts. You'll get a tour and get to know more about the Airbnb host and why they decided to welcome strangers in the house.

In two months time, I will reveal my top five Airbnbs in Chicago that you have to check out this Summer 2019. Trust me, we won't lead you in the wrong direction and highlight the true top picks that made us smile and fall in love with.

Continue to check back on my blog and view our videos and sneak peeks.

And, we want to hear from you. Tell us your best experience, the place with the best decor and truly one of the swanky's places you've seen in Chicago an Airbnb.

Also, you get bonus points if you point out some of the South Side's and West Side's swankiest Airbnbs.

Stay tuned for "Lenox and Second City" picks for our pick Summer 2019. We're super excited!!


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