University of Chicago's Casting Call for An HIV-Prevention App

University of Chicago's Casting Call for An HIV-Prevention App

This is such a brilliant idea that I had to blog about it. The Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive, or Ci3, is doing some cool stuff that we have to be apart of.

Ci3's Philip Ehrenberg and Dr. Brandon Hill at the University of Chicago are developing an iPad app for use in health clinics that will inform users about PrEP as an HIV prevention method. The app, MiPrEP, will also inform folks on how the medication works and how to get it. Ci3 is producing two live-action videos for its new HIV-prevention app.

These short videos are aimed at addressing who PrEP is right for and the process for starting it. They're currently looking for young actors of color for several roles. The roles being casted are:

- Two gay males, early 20s, who use hookup apps to meet other men, and are comfortable and confident flirting in public.

-A  doctor, in his/her early 30s, who is sensitive to LGBTQ issues, and able to provide informative and compassionate counseling.

The videos will be shot at locations in Hyde Park in the next few weeks. Actors will be compensated for their time and time commitment is minimal.

If you are interested, please contact Philip Ehrenberg ( to learn more about the project.

For those of you that don't know, Pre-exposure prophylaxis, more commonly called PrEP, is a daily pill regimen that, if taken consistently, can protect users from contracting HIV from sex or from used needles. The only drug currently available for PrEP is Truvada, which hinders the virus’s ability to replicate itself by adding a protective shield around the body’s T-cells.

Research by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that taking Truvada once a day can lower the chances of getting HIV by more than 90 percent for people having sex and more than 70 percent for injection drug users.

Let's all get involved and be apart of this.

If you're interested, please contact Philip Ehrenberg ( to learn more.

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