Gay Black Fathers Kordale and Kaleb Star In This Beautiful Nikon Ad

Gay Black Fathers Kordale and Kaleb Star In This Beautiful Nikon Ad

Remember these guys? They were the two gay dads that took a photo last year doing their daughters’s hair in the morning. And, it went viral...and, profitable.  Kordale and Kaleb Lewis are starring in a new Nikon campaign with their children. Nikon’s “I Am Generation Campaign” shows the family telling their story in an inspiring video. It will move you...truly.

The Atlanta, Georgia, couple's picture garnered a lot of comments. Many were encouraging, many were not. In the intervening time, Kordale wrote a book, and the two have since gotten engaged and remain active in the LGBTQ community.

Kordale and Kaleb told the Huffington Post that the photo and now the video had changed their lives and how people viewed them.

“There will be those people who do not agree and will post negative comments or snarl their faces, but there are much more people who do agree and commend us as fathers and community activists,” the pair said in a statement.

If you don't do anything today, watch this video. Not only does it redefine family but the world finally gets an accurate depiction of what gay black love looks and feels like. It will inspire you.

Bravo to Kordale and Kaleb! Thank you for showing the world how we love.

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