No More DownLows??

No More DownLows??

Just discovered this award winning webseries: NoMoreDownLow.TV,  The newcast format remembers the victims of unsolved murders, attacks and hate crimes in the African American same gender loving community. I absolutely love this. There's literally nothing out there like this.

Their goal is clear: they want to bring public awareness and change to culture/group that has statistically experienced some of the most heinous hate crimes against humanity. With the countless stories to be told from the families of these victims, this show is definitely going to change lives...or, more importantly, raise awareness of this epidemic. .

The show covers countless crimes dating back to the 2005 brutal murder ofRashawn Brazell, and meet the man who’s upcoming documentary promises to chronicle how and why one of New York’s most horrific homicides remains unsolved.  And, you may  remember Mitrice Richardson, a former beauty queen from Los Angeles, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance and death.. and, countless others.

So proud that a show like this exist. Undoubtedly, this showwill change lives and educate the African Community.

Thank you, DownLow TV!

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