2013's United Black Pride

2013's United Black Pride

Windy City Times reports that Chicago Windy City Black Pride and Windy City Black Pride have FINALLY merged and are now called, wait for it, United Black Pride.

Over the last decade, there's been rumors of allege fraud, stolen money, infighting...the list goes on. Now, the leaders from the former organizations, and the Rocks Coordinating Committee, have buried their long-standing feuds that divided and poisoned Chicago’s Black LGBT community and joined forces with one mission in mind: reviving the Chicago Black Pride experience.

The newly reformed board and volunteers, including Tim’m West, Lamont Robinson and President Jesse Hinton. Hinton, who formerly led Chicago Windy City Black Pride, will serve as president of the newly formed United Black Pride organization.

"The annual Black Pride tradition represents a unique opportunity when we can come together as a family to celebrate our unique experience and appreciate the diversity of our community. We are excited to join forces as a single, collective body to honor our tradition and embrace a new future," Hinton told Windy City Times.

United Black Pride (UBP) promises to continue to honor the legacy of Black Pride Week and the history of the Black LGBT experience in Chicago. More importantly, they continue to engage the community in a variety of activities from health literacy, public policy, cultural tradition, and performing arts through workshops and social events.

The best thing about this union is that, this year, I won't have to ponder which organization and which events to support. As the Chicago Black Pride weekend approaches, the first weekend in July, I'll be  providing updates of their scheduled events.

Learn more about the new United Black Pride: www.UBPride.com .

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