South Africa's First Traditional Zulu Gay Wedding

South Africa's First Traditional Zulu Gay Wedding

I first heard about this story a few weeks ago and I can't seem to get it out of my head. As someone who use to live in South Africa, this story is beyond epic.

Two young men tied the knot in a rare South African gay wedding in KwaDukuza (Stanger) last month .In what was described as the town’s first gay marriage, Tshepo Modisane, an audit manager at PwC, and Thoba Sithole, a Joburg-based IT specialist, both 27, walked down the aisle in front of 200 guests.

Unlike the West, South Africa is a leader in the world of equality, where same-sex marriage is legal and discrimination against LGBTI people are punished severely.

Now that they are married, they will take on the surname of Sithole-Modisane, and they're planning to have children through a surrogate.

“Family is important to us and that is the number one reason why we want to have children,” said Thoba.screen-shot-2013-04-07-at-10-04-02-am
“We also want our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly by both parents who appreciate them.”

Undoubtedly, this wedding will go down in history as one of the most significant events in South African LGBTI history, as it breaks unknown barriers in the face of last year’s assault by the Zulu traditional chiefs, who sought to remove sexual orientation as a protected class from the South African Constitution. The South African gay community held numerous protests against the move and it was thwarted.

You must watch this video! It truly shows an extraordinary example of new-found acceptance, as a small community embraces a young gay Zulu couple, about to embark upon, not only a legal marriage, but also a traditional marriage. This wedding and this community truly show that it's all about love and acceptance and even tradition has its seat at the table of evolution.

At the end of the video below, Thoba noted, “Being gay is as African as being black.” Well said, Thoba. Well said!

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