Local High School Shows other Schools How to be LGBT Friendly

Local High School Shows other Schools How to be LGBT Friendly

A new mentoring program for LGBT students will launch at Lincoln Park High School, Windy City Times reports. The Lincoln Park Youth Society, as it will be known, officially kicked off earlier this year, mixing monthly social events with a mentoring program for high school students with area college and graduate-level students who also identify as LGBT a la Big Brothers Big Sisters.

With 2,300 students, Lincoln Park High School hopes this will kick off a city wide Youth Society that could be a model program for all Chicago Public Schools. YES!!

Okay, this is splendid news but why is this not happening in the South and West Side high schools? Where I feel it's needed the most. Seriously. Let this be a platform for other Chicago area schools to create awareness and education about folks with diverse identities, and this will prepare them for the next step, a huge one: life.

I know there are so many African and Latino American kids that are suffering with their identities and have nowhere to go. They need this program more than ever. While I'm very proud of Lincoln Park High School for leading the way, I really hope it branches out to high schools both nationally and locally.

High Schools that are interested in learning more about setting up an LGBT Mentorship program, please contact the folks below:

Sarah Hughes at sarahlizhughes@gmail.com, Zach Stafford at zstaffo1@gmail.com or Nico Lang at gidget.lang2@gmail.com.

Great job, folks!

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