Checkout A New Web Series "No Shade"

Checkout A New Web Series "No Shade"

I've become strangely intrigued by this new web series "No Shade."  'No Shade' is a web-series by Blunted Muse Productions chronicling the lives of four gay friends living in New York City.

The show centers around a young struggling artist Noel Baptiste (Brandyn) in Brooklyn, NY who is pursuing success in his passion while becoming comfortable in his own sexuality.  He has three colorful friends – classically trained dancer Kori (DuRight), urban trendsetter Erik (Torro) and trans-female social queen Danielle (Tamara) – who have no problem with steering their friend in the right direction, or so they think.

Currently the creators are looking for additional funding so that the web-series can be its best. Get to know the characters below. Subscribe to the channel to stay in the know of everything 'No Shade' related.

I can't wait to see what these characters will get into...No Shade!


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