Are your kids 'Planking?'

There is this thing called "planking," which is apparently huge in Australia, and basically it's people lying very stiffly on their stomachs on top of different things...some that even can be deadly. Yeah, I don't get it either. But it's got 85,000 fans on Facebook so it must really be all the rage, and the Facebook page "Planking Chicago" has only 25 likes but that number is expected to grow.

Sadly, planking just killed a man in Brisbane, Australia. 20-year-old Acton Beale was planking on a seventh-floor balcony when he plunged to his death. He was trying to lay on his stomach on the railing when he fell. He died at the scene. The police commissioner "said his worst fears about planking had been realised."

Planking seems to be something that people in Australia do literally everywhere, and I'm really unsure why. Think about it, lying very still on your stomach in varied locales doesn't even sound that edgy? It's just people doing this:


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