Why I'm Not Upset By Kobe Bryant's Gay Slur...

Kobe Bryant's homophobic slur towards an NBA referee during a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game recently was all caught on tape...but, I wasn't offended by it.

The now, $100,000 slur happened during the 3rd quarter after Kobe got hit with a technical foul. The NBA star was clearly upset screams for the ref (Bennie Adams) and appears to mouth the words, "F*king f*ggot."

The reason why I'm not offended by Kobe's remark is because, it's seriously, just Black vernacular.  When you're on the basketball court or playing any sport, from my experience, common derogatory and offensive words surface in efforts to show your masculinity. It's seriously a pissing a contest. Or, an attempt to see who can be the most insulting and toughest on the court; it's kind of an intimidation contest. I remember many times on the Football field, back in High School, when I used offensive slurs like, "You pussy" or "You F*king Breeders (heterosexuals)!" If you play sports, I think you understand. It's apart of the game. The insults, the fights, etc...

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers created a public service announcement video following Kobe Bryant's gay slur after a playoff game last week. Now, I found his "Words Can Be Hurtful" PSA to be more insulting. Although, he was attempting to do the "right" thing by correcting his public mistake, it just seemed fake and uninspired.

Do I think Kobe Bryant is homophobic? Absolutely, not. I think we need to cut Kobe some slack. This is not worth the media attention at all. Their are other gay rights issues we should be addressing.

Let it go, America because now we understand words can be hurtful if used in the wrong setting. #condescension


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  • I'd be interested to hear the views of other gay writers on this site about this issue.

    I call my landlord a "F*king f*ggot" almost daily. Of course, he's not a "f*ggot" so it's all good.

    However, he is a dwarf. So if I call him a "F*king midget" daily, then that would not be all good.

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