Two NBA Raptors Players Holding Hands...Sportmanship? Or.....?

When I first saw this photo in Chicago's "Rolling Out," it immediately made me say 'awwwwwww!"

Leandro Barbosa of the Toronto Raptors grabbed teammate Reggie Evans' hand as they were leaving the court on Sunday night after their 102-98 win over the Magic, inspiring hundreds of homophobic comments on a brief YouTube clip of the moment. Comments were later disabled.
No word on why Evans took Barbosa's hand. Is America kidding? Why are people debating over this web clip? This is madness... First of all, who cares that two manly men wanted to hold hands and show affection. I thought America was progressing but it seems that NBA Sports Fans are among the people that are against gay rights.

Someone wrote on a blog site, "anonymous internet commenting turns weak people into weak idiots. But the fact that literally every comment on the video's YouTube page is either homophobic, or people reprimanding said homophobia, is a nice little example of how touchy a subject homosexuality is in sports." This absolutely right. There's still extreme homophobia in the world of sports.

These men could just be really close friends. You know, abroad in South Africa, children and grown men hold  hands to show how close they are.  Not only is this extreme brave for Barbosa, from San Paulo, Brazil, and Evans, , from Pensacola, Florida, but clearly they were trying to make a statement. I'm not exactly show of what statement but for whatever reason, it's very admirable and courageous to do in the sport's world.

I'm secretly hoping they're a romantic couple showing their love publicly for the first time in the sports world. Great idea, right? But, they're probably really good friends. Get over it, America! 

I'm just going to throw this out there because it seems fitting : Derrick Rose, if you ever want to hold hands publicly, I'm here for you!

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