McDonald's beating video: Transgender Woman Attacked By Two Women

The victim of a vicious beating at a Maryland McDonald's is a transgendered woman, according to a LGBT advocacy group that's calling for authorities to investigate the case as a hate crime.


The shocking video shows the transgender woman being kicked in the head by two African American girls at the Rosedale fast food chain as some of the staff stood by laughing. At one point the attackers grab the victims' hair and dragged her across the floor. Responding officers who responded to Monday's attack found the 22-year-old woman apparently having a seizure - which was the most hard part for me watch of this video, which was taken by a McDonald's employee.

First, I'm enraged. This really pisses me off that people can stand by and just watch this happen. Secondly, I'm upset that these were Black girls.... who viciously beat this transgender woman for going into the same bathroom as them. One of my best friends is transgender, and I can't imagine seeing something like this happen to her. Just watching this video made me think of some of the horrible things I would do to someone for someone I love.

Caution: this video is extremely hard to watch. You can feel the pain of this transgender woman, and seems to never end:

McDonald's condemned the attack in a statement calling it "unacceptable, disturbing and troubling." The company said it was working with local authorities to investigate the incident.

The transgender woman, Chrissy Lee Polls, 22, speaks out:


I really hope these girls get charged with hate crimes...

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