Transgender Woman Shot and Dragged in Arkansas

Recently, the body of 25-year-old Marcal Camero Tye was found dead in Forrest City, Arkansas. According to the local police it appeared she was shot and dragged by a car. Sheriff Bobby May, told WREG Channel 3,

"We're going to be, of course, waiting for the lab results, the pathology reports, but it appeared to be that he did have a head wound and also that he had been dragged by a car."

Investigators with Forrest City, Arkansas Police and the St. Francis County Sheriff's Department, are searching for clues in a brutal murder.

Tye was wearing female clothing when found, and the victim was well known in this area as a "cross dresser. The transgender female, born male but lived as a woman,  was killed by a gunshot to the head.

Jennifer Bohannon considered Tye a good friend, and had seen Tye just a few hours before the murder, "He had just left away from one of my other cousin's house last night around about twelve something. He said he was on his way going home."

Bohannon says Tye didn't hide the fact he was a transgender woman and she thinks he was picked up by someone "high" on drugs and looking for sex, "And when they brought him down here they probably figured out, you know, noticed that he was a "dude" and probably took it from there and shot him and killed him."

Unbelievable. And, the Sheriff is not considering this a hate crime. Sheriff, have you lost your damn mind?


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