Hate Crime Videos Go Viral


It seems that hate crime stories are going viral. Which is a great idea.

Justin Alesna, a Detroit man who received no assistance following a brutal, hate-filled attack, has taken matters into his own hands -- on YouTube.

The 23-year-old went into a gas station for a pack of cigarettes, he says he was accosted by another customer who began hurling gay slurs at him and then punched him in the eye twice. Alesna then wrestled his attacker into store shelves and was asked by the clerk to leave the premises.

No one in the store -- including two other customers, who Alesna says just stood and watched -- called the police.

Alesna, who went to the hospital and was told he might need surgery, wanted to share his experience, so he posted a video of himself on YouTube and Facebook.

Not only is this extremely brave of Justin but it puts a voice to hate crimes. I actually wish more people would tell their stories, so that we can become more aware about how this is alive and well.

Justin, you've shown amazing courage and I hope they get those bastards!

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