Does anyone still enjoy the "69 Position?"

I'm watching an old "Sex and the City" episode, and the ladies posed a great question that I had to ask myself: Do people still enjoy the "69 Position?" And, I don't think people are. Are you?


It's been ages since I've done this oral sex technique, but I found as I got older those physical maneuvers become a bit more challenging to do. did a story on "The World's Most Sexual Number: 69." The article suggest that "some people complain that it's uncomfortable and inconvenient to engage in a position where partners are upside down. There are many varying positions in which to participate in this buffet
for two; the key is to ensure comfort. After all, you're going to be
digging in the bush for a while, and she'll be devouring your meat and
potatoes for some time as well." " The article goes on to give a very detailed step by step on how to "69"

I won't go into the details about how to "69," check out the article for the advantages and disadvantages of 69-ing, but I think we need a new sexual number that's millennium appropriate. For example, like 29-ing, intensifying his pleasure by humming while you head downstairs. Or, the "47 Position," which is the a new "cuddling position."  I don't know. Let me keep pondering.

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