A Man Sodomized Near Grant Park With A Tree Branch....What??

A northwest suburban man in his 60's was found walking near Grant Park early Saturday bloody and beaten, after he'd been sodomized with a tree branch in a brutal attack that's still under investigation.

Shortly after midnight Saturday, someone saw the half-naked man walking with a bloody face in the 800 block of South Michigan and called authorities, according to Central District Police Lt. Richard Guerrero.

The victim had severe trauma to his face when paramedics got to the scene. Some of his teeth were knocked out, and he was partially impaled by a tree branch, his injures are not life-threatening. The victim had apparently been beaten and sodomized with a tree branch,
and doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital had to remove part of the
branch from the victim's body. He was not wearing shoes or pants, and had only one sock on. He was earlier believed to be homeless, but as detectives investigated, police News Affairs Officer Michael Fitzpatrick said, they found out that he is from the northwest suburbs.

Police arrested a 45-year-old man who was paroled last May after his third prison sentence for armed robbery; so far, he hasn't been charged in the weekend attack.

While his condition was not known, his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening, police said.

I think I'm officially speechless... wow! 


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  • Where are all the treehuggers furious at what happened to this poor tree branch?

  • ROFL!!!

  • To the two comments above; You are insensitive jerks. This person is a human being who has gone throught hell even before being attacked in the USA. You know nothing about this man and I can only tell you that you have no idea how much pain this man has already had to endure in his life and now he comes here and is attacked.

  • In reply to JoeyA:

    I agree with Joey. I feel so sad & sorry for the old man in this attack. I don't know what he's been through in his past--but this was horrible! The creep who committed this crime is sick! He needs to be put down like a rabid dog!

  • In reply to JoeyA:

    third prison sentence..................be nice if we did the 3 strikes your out or in, forever...........

  • In reply to JoeyA:

    I agree, the two comments above...insensitive jerks! Especially that Lenox Magee guy. Shame on you Lenox Magee for ROFL-ing. On the other hand, that gwill guy seems like a nice guy though who seems like he just wanted bring a little humor to these bad events.

    As for the criminal, he will feel pain in this world and the next.

  • In reply to JoeyA:

    Everyone, I'm not laughing at the what happened - it's truly horrible! I mean, I've been "branched" a few times...it's very painful! LOL...But, @gwill brought some humor to this horrible event; and quite clever, as well!

    So, in other words, relax, people!!!

  • The thug who did this should be locked up for life. Given his previous convictions, he has no desire or ability to live in a civilized society.

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