The Real Gay Men of Atlanta

Is this the male version of Real Housewives?? . . Either way, I'm intrigued!

Last month, around the net, a new reality show focusing on the gay black men of Atlanta-and their "down low" worlds - was in the works. And, it looks like it's close to being a done deal.  Their official reel for 'The Life: "Atlanta"' just hit the net, and yes, the trailer is a bit EXTRA.

This cast of characters seem to be paralleling Bravo's "Housewives" franchise and an all-black version of "The A-List" reality show on Logo. Meet the cast of characters: Al, "The Super
Star," Donte,"The Money Maker," Terrence, "The Mayor of The City," Will, "Mr. Socialite," J.Will, "Mr.
Unpredictable" and Dr. George Smith, "The New Face of the City." 

What this show does do, or will do if picked up, is give us a glimpse into the lives of African-American Gay Men, which is unprecedented for television.

I won't bash the show just yet because I'm really intrigued to see how this show will ultimately portray gay black men. And, I know we could do something similar to this in Chicago...even better; actually, with more class - just judging from the trailer.

In a way, I'm rooting for these guys to get picked up by a network because this will open doors for many of us. Not just in the television world but across the board.

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