Gay Black Men and Depression

I first learned of the documentary "You Are Alone," from a website called Healthy Black Men - is an online health and lifestyle magazine for Black men.  The story that grabbed my attention was one that outlined gay black men and how they're suffering from depression. Antoine B. Craigwell, author and filmmaker, wrote about events and issues of and in the Black gay community, and embarked on a book addressing depression in Black gay men. The stories shared from Black gay men are placed alongside what professionals and Black gay literature have said, and against a background of the effects of culture, ethnicity, religion, and society.

Craigwell announced the launch of, a website to raise awareness about depression in gay Black men. After hearing several more stories of pain and suffering from other gay Black men, Craigwell realized that something was wrong and no one was talking about it. Antoine began scouring friends, friends of friends, and as many contacts on Facebook and other social networking sites, including gay sex sites, to find anyone who is Black and gay, suffering from depression and willing to share their stories. It was as if a floodgate had opened and a torrent of stories poured out.

Check out the trailer for the forthcoming documentary, "You Are Not Alone." Courageous Black gay men are breaking their silence and they are speaking out about their depression. It is hoped that a Black gay man, through what he sees and hears in this documentary, could feel emboldened to know he is not alone, and find the courage to reach out for help.

Craigwell wants your support toward the completion of this documentary. It would provide a resource and encouragement for other gay Black men, especially young gay Black men who feel imprisoned, are struggling with their sexual identity and acceptance in a world that rejects them.

These stories are really compelling and I encourage everyone to check them out. Here are their stories:

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