Teena Marie - In Her Own Words

Teena Marie - In Her Own Words

About 4 years ago, back in my intern days, I had the pleasure of interviewing Motown singer Teena Marie for Windy City Radio (apart of Windy City Media Group). I was just starting out in the radio broadcast business - and, you'll hear it in the uncut/unedited interview - and, I remember Teena Marie being so pleasant and nice. Even when I screwed up, which I did a few times, she seemed to gracefully correct me to make me feel at ease. Its weird because I can still hear the pain in her voice from losing Rick James.

As you may know, we've recently learned of Teena Marie's death and I thought it be nice to share, with all her fans, what she told me about how she wanted her music to be remembered.

The "Ivory Queen of Soul", has died at age 54. Marie developed a lasting legacy her silky soul pipes and hits like Lovergirl, Square Biz and Fire and Desire with mentor Rick James.She was arguably among the most gifted and respected, and was thoroughly embraced by black audiences.

Here's Teena Marie, in her own words

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