Rev. Meeks Drops Out Of Mayoral Race - See ya!

It does feel like Christmas! Today, I got an early gift when I heard the announcement that State Sen. James Meeks has dropped out of the mayoral race. Thanks, Santa!


In an e-mail sent to media Thursday afternoon, Meeks -- who also heads Salem Baptist Church on the South Side -- said he was ending his campaign.

Meeks met with mayoral challengers U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun Wednesday in an effort to unite behind a consensus black candidate, the Sun-Times reported. Davis said after the meeting it was possible one or more candidates would drop out, but a spokesman for Meeks denied he would exit the race.

In his e-mail, Meeks said with four black candidates still in the race, "our house is divided.''

He continued: "I have met with each of the four other African-American candidates and urged them in the strongest terms to consider withdrawing from the race in the interest of unity and for the greater good of our community."

No chance, Davis and Braun told the Chicago Sun-Times.

In a long statement, Meeks wrote: "It is long past time that we build on the tremendous successes of the great Harold Washington and his administration by electing another African-American to become our mayor. But as long as our community remains divided and splintered -- to the specific advantage of the front-running, status quo candidates -- we will never see things improve. We need to speak with one voice.

"So, even as I continue to believe that I would be both the best prepared and the most electorally viable candidate in this race, I have chosen to lead by example. I am hereby announcing my withdrawal from this race, and am urging the other African-American candidates to do likewise.

"In so doing, I am endorsing no one person; rather, I am asking all of the African-American candidates to subordinate their own candidacies to the greater good of our city and our community, and submit to a caucus of clergy, elected officials, and residents whose sole purpose shall be to winnow the remaining field down to one candidate. Under no circumstances will I be a candidate for Mayor this year; I want to be a part of this process, and there should be no question about my motives.''

Here's a question: Are you insane, Meeks? Really? So, you're doing us a favor by dropping out of the race? I cannot be more thankful for this early Christmas gift. Chicago would have never elected him, and he's nearly saving himself the embarrassment. Finally, he gets it! Chicago will never elect someone as racist, bigot, homophobic or idiotic as you, Meeks! Two words for you, "See ya!" 

With Meeks out of the way, I'm excited to see what Carol Moseley Braun may do. Something tells me that she may be what Chicago needs.

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