Lenox's Favorite Things For 2011

Like Oprah, I feel the desperate need to tell you some of my favorite
things this holiday season. But, unlike Oprah, all of my favorite things
are from local Chicago Entrepreneurs. Check out my list of products and services that blew my mind.

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Get Tight, Get Right

I'm dubbing these ladies the "Naughty Girls of Fitness." Kimmah Shah and Akilah Scott are making fitness and weight loss genuinely fun! No, seriously!

Akilah & Kimmah, The Fitness Mistress, aim to bring a triad concept to weight loss by focusing on the physical body, the mind and the spirit! Utilizing Japanese Kanyo concepts for manufacturing, they are heading the way in weight management!

In addition to offering you the best weight loss products available, they also have personal training to further assist in your weight loss goals. A comprehensive fitness program can be customized to your level of fitness and target your trouble areas to give you the body you've always dreamed of!

So, if your New Years Resolution is "losing weight and looking great," I would definitely give these ladies a ring. And, to learn more about "Get Tight Get Right," visit them on their Facebook page


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Consider it like Facebook but for Urban Professional. GoBlackbook.net invites your friends from Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to join and meet professionals in your area and around the country.

Later this year, GoBlackbook.org will serve as the non-profit arm of the 'Blackbook" and will be used to provide scholarships for minority youth who desire to study in the field of technology in college and provide angel investments for minority and women-owned tech start-ups. Very cool!

Lucius Jewelry

Chicago jeweler Christy Lucius had always tried to look at the world differently; to see and experience it as an artist.Christy's passion began at an early age, where she would peruse the
local bead shops in search of tiny treasures. She spent her childhood
beading, painting, and learning about the arts. Its no surprise that Christy would start her own handmade jewelry business one day. 

LUCIUS Fine Jewelry has imaginative designs and comfortable jewelry people will want to wear all the time. The unique pieces range from gorgeous curving silver, to delicate cascading stars, each piece has a truly handmade quality. Made of either sterling silver or 14kt gold, and only uses natural gemstones. These are pieces you will be able to treasure for years to come.

"I wanted to create something that was unique, yet easy to wear," says Christy. "So often, many creative and unique pieces are impractical or uncomfortable. Yet with so much of the same old jewelry out there, it is easy to see why people are looking for something different. LUCIUS manages to be comfortable, but still stand out."

Squeaky Skin

Its really hard to find organic homemade soap that you love, but I think I have. Monique Dupree, founder of Squeaky Skin, was dedicated to make organic soaps that were cheaper than other companies! Monique does custom soaps, soap parties, weddings and birthday parties. She does mostly art fairs in Chicago, especially, in the summer time. For more information, contact Monique Dupree.

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