US Poll Finds Changing Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

According to new national research, Americans have become more accepting of homosexuality during the past 16 years, with over half of those polled said they support civil unions.

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The Pew Research Centre's new report, released in August and compiled from a selction of public studies done over the last 20 years, said support for same-sex civil unions had risen from 45-percent in 2003 to 57-percent in 2009. The increase in support for same-sex marriage was more modest, but still showed a rise in support from 30-percent in 2003 to 38-percent in 2010.

Among religious respondents to the recent polls, Latino Catholics showed more movement toward supporting gay marriage (at 57-percent) than Latino Protestants (at 22-percent).

National polls by the Pew Centre have apparently found that younger Americans are much more accepting of LGBT people, and researchers reportedly say that the generational divide over the issue will eventually bring about a collision.

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