The World's First Transvestite Magazine

It seems now the transvestite community is getting their voice out with a new publication. The magazine El Teje, which is published in the Argentine capital and presents itself as "the first transvestite publication in Latin America," has been fighting the stigmatization of the trans community for nearly three years.


Marlene Wayar, Director of El Teje Magazine, the world's first transvestite magazine

Although the twice-yearly publication is now distributed free, the aim of its director, Marlene Wayar, is for it to be sold at newsstands.

In Argentina, which in late July became the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, El Teje and other publications by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community enjoy a growing space in the world of print and online publishing.

 Other print publications in Argentina focusing on the LGBT community include Soy, a weekly supplement that comes out with the Buenos Aires newspaper Página 12, and Ají magazine, which describes itself as being "about gays, your run-of-the-mill transvestites...who are hot and who have no problem showing ourselves just as we are."

In the November issue, Sandra Sacayán, El Teje's star writer, wrote about the mistreatment suffered by Johana Robledo, a transvestite who almost died after spending two months in jail in San Justo, a district on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, on charges that were reduced from homicide to armed robbery.

El Teje is published with the assistance of the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre at the public National University of Buenos Aires, which trains the transvestites who write for the magazine, in a writing workshop. The magazine distributes 2,000 free copies twice a year.

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