Rev. James Meeks NOT for Mayor

Chicago's anti-gay Mayoral hopeful Rev. James Meeks says that he will consider gay rights. The Chicago Democrat, in an interview with Fox Chicago, told the gay community not to worry because he'll probably be too busy to mess with their domestic partnerships and employee benefits.

"Now, if I were sitting around bored with nothing to do, that stuff might come up," Meeks said. "But I expect to be so busy with schools, crime and budget problems during my first term that I wouldn't have any time."

Meeks, 54, a state senator for the 15th District, is the pastor of a congregation of at least


 20,000 at the Salem Baptist Church on the South Side. He has told the Chicago Tribune that he is "collecting signatures for petitions and studying the process." As of a recent Sun-Times poll, Meeks, who has yet to formally announce his candidacy, placed second among the current crop of potential mayoral candidates.

In 2006, his church held a Halloween "Night of Terror" -- a tour of hell featuring gays and abortionists burning for their sins.

 Sounds a bit scary...   

Not only is electing Meeks a drastic change to our current gay friendly Mayor's open-mindedness but it's also a human rights issue. His politics would literally set our cause back 30 years. And, do we want Chicago's potentially second African American Mayor to be worser than his predecessor. Mayor Harold Washington was a great friend to the gay community. As a state senator and a congressman, he sponsored gay rights legislation. As mayor, he established a committee on Gay and Lesbian Issues and signed the city's Human Rights Ordinance, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation

Plus, we have gays taking political control across the city -- 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney is gay and so is North Side state Rep. Greg Harris; I can't imagine what he would do with them as Mayor. Rep. Greg Harris said it great when he told Progress Illinois, "The fact that [Meeks] could roll back the clock on rights that people have had for decades because he got 'bored' is totally unacceptable ...  I don't think because of his views he can represent the entirety of Chicago."

Rep. Harris is absolutely right, he can't and doesn't represent the entirety of Chicago. Perhaps, his downfall may be that he's a pastor; Meeks may never be able to condone homosexuality. And, if you can't separate your beliefs and what's good for the city of Chicago, you don't need to be Mayor - he clearly has trouble separating church and state. Furthermore, his openly homophobic comments should let Chicago know that he's not the right person for the job.

Do us a favor, Meeks, don't run for Mayor! You'll embarass yourself...again.


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  • Where in the world do you get you "facts". You're the embarrassment. Do you just dream up things and call yourself a reporter. You actually think that...

    "In 2006, his church held a Halloween "Night of Terror" -- a tour of hell featuring gays and abortionists burning for their sins."

    That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Don't you think you would have heard about that all over the news. How crazy does that even sound. I'm a member of Salem and there is no way you can actually state such a claim. Nothing like that ever took place. The only Halloween events were for kids to have a place to come to keep them from being on the streets.

    You know what, I'm gonna pray for you. That is all. Nothing else is needed.

  • In reply to Never:

    Thanks for your feedback, Never. But, I'm sorry to report that everything I mentioned in the piece are, in fact, facts. Check out these links from the local media talking about the "Night of Terror:"

    Meeks sends kids to 'hell' -,CST-NWS-HELL31.article

    Why Rev. Meeks Is No Harold Washington on Gay Rights -

    Scary as Hell: The best of the South Side

  • In reply to Never:

    You betta' preach, Lenox! Meeks could NEVER be a mayor for all of Chicago. I that horrific Halloween incident sponsored by that homophobic community of "s/ain'ts." Maybe someday I'll forgive, but will NEVER forget!

  • In reply to Never:

    Amen Lennox! Meeks should be ashamed of himself for spreading so much EVIL and HATE. And he speaks of gays going to hell? What he doesn't know is that if there's a hell, he shall be there!

  • In reply to Never:

    Thanks for the comments, ChiVibe and Gerec!

  • In reply to Never:

    Im not gay/lesbian.....but i am a former member of reverened meeks church...and i say loud and not elect this man to be mayor of chicago.....and he does gay bash and he is very judgemental.....he is an opportunist and, not in a good way

  • In reply to Never:

    Thanks, Tiffany for your honest feedback!

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