Pastor CAUGHT - Bishop Eddie Long!

Remember when Oprah pledged on her show to catch child molesters from all over the country? Well, I'm taking a page from her book and I'm pledging to put Pastors on blast when they're CAUGHT - caught molesting kids and caught GAY (Hi Ted Haggard!), only when they're extremely homophobic publicly. Enter Bishop Eddie Long.

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Recently, in separate lawsuits filed in DeKalb County this week, three men allege that Long had sexual relations with them. Actually, on Friday, another alleged victim has come forth and filed a lawsuit. They've all said they were taken on trips, given cars and put on the payroll. The 57-year-old preacher is battling accusations that he used his influence to coerce young men in his church into having sexual relationships with him, something the married pastor and father of four has vehemently denies. But as a major evangelical figure who preaches against homosexuality -- and one who has far from avoided the limelight, the pastor will find it hard to escape scrutiny. Long, who is married to Vanessa Griffin Long, has called homosexuality and lesbianism "spiritual abortions" and helped start a group at his church called "Out of the Wilderness" to help gay members live a heterosexual lifestyle.

Long is the Bishop at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a suburban Atlanta church, which has more than 25,000 members, making it one of the largest in the country. It boasts a school, a youth fellowship for young men called LongFellows Academy and a list of well-connected congregants from Atlanta's black upper class. And at its center is Long, a flashy and charismatic leader who wears diamonds, lives in a $1 million home and has hosted heads of state such as President Bill Clinton, and has done some work with President Obama. 
Its been my experience, and I could be wrong, that individuals that are extremely homophobic are, in fact, gay.  I've actually heard rumors from the gay community in Atlanta about Bishop Long's "activities" before; so, this story isn't really that new to me. Actually, a close friend and aid to Long mentioned to me that the issue isn't whether Long is gay or DL (downlow) but, the bigger issue is the stance that he's taken publicly on homosexuality; which is a traditional Christian issue and horrible within the Black church. The close friend is right; the bigger issue is the black churches stance to preach hate from the pulpit. Which is an entirely different blog that I'll dive in to very soon.
Long is expected to address the allegations directly at his church on Sunday. Can't wait to hear what he says. 
But, in the meantime...Bishop Eddie Long, you've-been-CAUGHT! 

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