Really, Dr. Laura? Really?


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Really, Dr. Laura? You used the n-word 11 TIMES while talking to Jade, or real name Nita Hanson, which is a BLACK woman, on air? Really? I mean, did you really think she was NAACP'ing you? Really? 

And, did you really think no one would find out that you said the n-word 11 TIMES? Or, on that one day, no one in the world was listening to you? Really? Try 9 million people heard you say that.  Did you forget you were on a radio show that airs nationally in the United States?  Really?

And, really, did you apologize the next day for staying the N-WORD 11 times and, then, turn around and say you were "unfairly uncensored?" Really?

And, did you really think we would forget about your racist comments the next day after you went to dinner with a black guy and a gay guy? Really?

And, are you really happy that Sarah Palin is on your team? And, you're really "proud of the former governor?" Really? This is the same woman that couldn't tell Katie Couric what newspapers or magazines she reads. Really?

And, Dr. Laura supporters, are you really chucking this off as post-menopausal? Or, that Dr. Laura was just having a really bad day? Really? The symptoms for post-menopausal now include racism, blotting and hot flashes? Really?

And, I wonder if you still, deep down in your heart, really still think homosexuals are  "deviant" and consider it a "dysfunctional behavior?" Really?


Well, Dr. Laura, if you're really that hypersensitive about racism and don't have a sense of humor, don't be a racist!





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  • good post. but does anyone listen to dr. laura? really? does anyone care what she says? really?

  • Thanks Dubsdread18 for the post... you're absolutely right, no one really does listen to Dr. Laura... I've never heard any of her shows... so, you're right, we shouldn't care!

  • Sarah Palin is hypocritical, supports racist, misinterprets Constitution and is clinically diagnosed as retarded...this surprising anyone yet?

    Read this article and enjoy a completely fresh interpretation of the First Amendment, Palin-style!


  • I love that piece, afraidofheights! I can't stop laughing... hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

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