"Cruising" Through Jackson Park

I ran across this blog called The South Side Housing Digest by a fellow named William Godwin. He recently posted a blog titled, "The Fight to Clean Up Jackson Park's Public Sex Program." He got the idea for this blog from a CBS 2 News Special Report talking about gay sex near the Museum of Science and Industry.


Call me a free spirit but sex in parks is a long tradition. We've seen movies showing how teens, and some adults, have always used parks and the backseats of cars as places to fool around. Apparently, with time, it hasn't changed.  And, it's no surprise Jackson Park is a cruising spot for local southside gays; I've known this ever since high school. And, I'm sure the South Side Alderman Leslie Hairston has known this for quite some time, as well.

To be honest, I think this is only really an issue because it's dealing with gay folks, a minority group. I think this report would've been vastly different if straight folks were caught with their pants down. I guarantee if you put cameras in every park in Chicago, you would catch many straight folks "gettin' it on" or doing something boarderline inappriporiate.  

What I do agree with in this "special" report is with the "mysterious guy" in the beginning; these sexual acts shouldn't be taking place during the daytime when children and patrons are visiting the Museum of Science and Industry or Jackson Park. I believe that their is a time and place for everything - do it after 10pm.

And, to be honest, I don't think having more police officers are going to alleviate the problem. People will just find other parks and other places to "fool around."

And, to the park sexers, clean up behind yourselves -  remember those signs, "no littering in the park." 

To quote my grandmother, "ain't nuthin open after midnight but legs and liquor stores."  Apparently, she was right.








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