The Top 10 Reasons President Obama Would Make the Perfect Gay Man


I've been watching President Obama very closely over this last year or so in office. And, I've concluded, after much thought and debate, that Obama would make the perfect gay man. He knows how to keep his cabin in order, dress nice, hangout with some beautiful ladies, and knows how to have a good time.

I've comprised a list of my top ten reasons on why Pres. Obama would make the perfect gay man:

10. He's not afraid to express his opinion and stay cool, even if it includes a few expletives. (Obama looking for 'whose ass to kick')

9. He's past the age of 40, good with his hands and works out everyday. (Obama workouts regularly)

8. He has that crazy friend that just can't seem to say the right things at the right times. (Joe Biden Drops the F-Bomb)

7. He smokes Marlboro. (LGBT Smoking More)

6. He knows how to throw a great exclusive party, and if you're not invited, you can still come! (Obama's Party Crashers

5.  He has a beautiful piece of arm candy. (Michelle Obama named one of the world's 100 best looking women)

4. He's concerned about his health, and the health of others. (Obama signs health care bill)

3. He's looks great in tailored suits - Although, I did catch him in a pair of "mom jeans;" perhaps, having a "straight day!" (Obama wears Mom Jeans)

2. He loves to spend plenty of money. (Obama Extends Unemployment Benefits)

1. He's an extremely attractive, bi-racial man.


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