Chicago's Black Pride Recap 2010

Chicago's Black Pride celebrated its 11th Anniversary the first week in July, usually held during the July 4th weekend. The week-long celebration is arguably one of the most important events in Chicago's African American LGBT community.  Throughout the week, many African American LGBTs attend seminars, poetry slams, movie screenings, comedies, and a grand outdoor festival, that's always a blast. Same sex couples with their children in tow barbecued and played cards, and the Chicago Department of Public Health gave free HIV and STD tests.


"We are the marginalized of the marginalized," said Keith McCoy, an event organizer told the Chicago Tribune (Black gay pride festival held on South Side).


But, this year's highlight was the appearance, and performance, of Slip-N-Slide artist Trina. While it was underreported, The Diamond Princess was specifically in town to show her support for Chicago's LGBTs. Also, in addition, Trina had an album release party at the Alahambra Palace 1240 West Randolph Street in Chicago's West Loop.


I'm looking forward to next year's Windy City Black Pride festivities, and something tells me its going to huger than this year!  Stay tuned... 

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