You’re Poisoning Your Fetus

You’re Poisoning Your Fetus

My main take-away from articles on pregnancy nutrition: if you eat processed food, you’re poisoning your fetus.

Whoever authored these articles never experienced a pregnancy. Or she purposely omitted all her pregnancy related food transgressions. At least that’s what I tell myself because achieving health nut status while my hormones seethed was often too herculean a task.

Healthy eating during pregnancy felt like a thorn in my side.

I’ve spent years developing a taste for healthy food. It’s something you work to develop. Most of us aren’t born craving a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning and quinoa dishes for dinner.

It’s a training process. A training process that completely unravels as soon as one single pregnancy hormone hits my system.

The motivation for overhauling my eating habits was to start my children off right, beginning in utero. The plan was simple-don’t eat shitty food while pregnant. Avoid the pregnancy cliché.

It’s common sense to eat your healthiest while incubating another human being. A fetus has no control over its host’s noshing habits. The pressure I felt to eat healthy during pregnancy was stifling. I read too many alarmist articles to grant myself leniency or forgiveness.

I’d eat a bag of skittles and think you’re poisoning your fetus. I want pregnant women to cut themselves a little slack and realize hell won’t freeze over if they eat a Cheeto. Someone has to acknowledge the inherent challenges of eating healthy during pregnancy.

The literature I read acknowledged food aversions and cravings but did nothing to prepare me for their relentless intensity. Food aversions and cravings are ugly beasts.

Let’s start out by discussing food aversions. It’s possible for a piece of lettuce to look like rat poison during pregnancy. Trust me. On the off chance I caught a glimpse of kale while strolling through the grocery store, my purse’s primary utility became barf bag. Meat was utter filth.

Pregnancy gifted me a newfound adoration for sugar. My plethora of knowledge on the downside of excessive sugar did nothing to squelch my desire for it.

I have no doubt that my adherence to these cravings only intensified them. By the time I was ten months pregnant they had completely overtaken me. Fun size candy wrappers littered every corner of the house.

I’m convinced that growing a small child makes you eat like one. My diet developed the sophistication of a toddler’s diet. I achieved a small amount of success eating healthy during my second pregnancy, so I’ll share some tips in the future.

For now, know you’re not alone when pregnancy aversions and cravings have beaten you down into an unrecognizable malnourished glutton. Take care to avoid alarmist articles and use supplements to counterbalance the destruction of your willpower that is often synonymous with pregnancy.

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