Why do we praise USA soccer?

Why do we praise USA soccer?

With the World Cup over and everyone proud of team USA, people are wondering if the sport of soccer will begin to take off in the United States.

There are many signs that say it will. It will take some time, but the groundwork has already been laid.

Team USA took home the ESPY last night for best moment in their 2-1 victory over Ghana, capitalizing on their recent popularity shortly after the World Cup. Winning the award says many things about soccer in the United States, but what it says more than anything else; we will praise mediocrity for a sport we know little about.

Now that sounds harsh, I know. I, too, am proud to be an American and am proud of how the United States performed in the World Cup, but did they really do that well?

We live in a culture where we seem to praise winning over everything else.

Many people know the Chicago Bulls won six championships in the 90’s; who did they beat? Daniel Day-Lewis has won three Oscars for best actor; who came in second?

Team USA soccer seems to be immune to our demands. They went 1-2-1 during the tournament. They won their first game and then went winless and they were considered to have bought us the best moment in sports for the year?

Admittedly, team USA was not favored to do great in the World Cup, and the win did come to the team knocked them out four years ago, but an overall record of 1-2-1 is completely average. We praised how average they were, and that’s where hope comes from.

Our expectations seem to be so low for soccer that, as long as they don’t look terrible, we will continue to follow and cheer for them.

I cast no judgment and I will be cheering with everyone else. This is a great place to start. Our expectations seem to match the ability of the team. Now, let’s take this growing appreciation for the sport and continue to help it grow across America. Perhaps four years from now our demands and USA soccer will grow in unison.

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