“It’s Gotta be the shoes”

“It’s Gotta be the shoes”

In the recent development of Under Armour adding Notre Dame to their repertoire of schools they dress on the field, it got me thinking about which apparel provider is ahead of the game and if the logo on the uniform is a contributing factor to a team’s success.

Off the top of your head you would probably say Nike is the leader in supplying athletic departments with apparel, and you would be right. In college football Nike supplies, roughly, forty more schools than second place Adidas.

Not only does Nike dominate the apparel game, they dominate on the field as well. In the BCS era (1998-2014) Nike has supplied 14 of 16 division 1-A national champions on the football field. Nike has also supplied 13 national champions in the past 16 years of college basketball as well.

Of course the more schools a company supplies the higher chance of on-field success, but an 84% championship rate is a little more than a coincidence. So, of course, it’s gotta be the shoes!

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