The baseball season is over a day old; do you care anymore?

The baseball season is over a day old; do you care anymore?

It happens every year, the professional hockey and basketball seasons are winding down, but it’s not the post-season yet. The NFL draft is a month away, and it’s the week before the Final Four. Last weekend, Facebook was filled with statuses and photos of people getting ready for Monday’s opening day! Come Monday morning, Facebook is bombarded with photos taken from ballparks with everyone status reading “OPENING DAY” and “THIS IS OUR SEASON”. Three hours later, it was either “GREAT WIN” or “Tough loss…161 to go”.

Then, something happened between the ending of game one and the beginning of game two. People realized that the hockey and basketball post-seasons are approaching in a couple weeks with 161 games to go in the baseball season. Baseball is suddenly on the back burner; one game into the season. Can anybody honestly tell me who the second starter is in your team’s rotation?

Once basketball and hockey are over the NFL draft has passed and all the new rookies are in camps; something new to be interested in! Plus it’s football! Training camp starts and before you know it, it’s August. More Packer jerseys appear in Miller Park than Brewer jerseys and Cubs fans have had their Sox gear on since late July. 148 games have past and maybe there is some general interest left if the Yankees and Red Sox are still in the playoff discussion.

It’s a shame, but it happens every year. It will be baseballs time again during weekdays in October for the World Series…As long as it’s not a Monday, Thursday or Friday night; football is played on those nights.


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