Bobby Knight reportedly out at ESPN

Bobby Knight reportedly out at ESPN

Reports have surfaced that ESPN will not renew Bobby Knight’s contract after the 2013 season. Although ESPN has not publicly announced a decision regarding the former coach’s future with the organization; many sources have called this season the end for Knight.

Knight’s time at ESPN has not been as rocky as it was at times with Indiana, but Knight has had a couple of miscues while at the “Mother ship”…Like when he swore on College Gameday, fell asleep on College Gameday, and showed obvious disapproval for Kentucky and John Calipari by refusing to say the name “Kentucky”.

His time at ESPN has not been the splash it was expected to be. The segment “Knight Rules” was supposed to be a version of “Gruden Camp” that didn’t pan out. His presence on Gameday and the primetime broadcasts has also greatly diminished. It appears he is being faded out by broadcasting less significant games on ESPN2.

If Knight is indeed out at ESPN after this season; where’s his next stop? Is this his last hurrah, or will he make a move elsewhere?

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