Is Indiana Football A Conference Champion Contender?

Is Indiana Football A Conference Champion Contender?

Every time Wisconsin has the opportunity to pull away from what’s left of the Leaders division, they find a way screw it up and let the rest of them hang around. This week, it’s Indiana. You may say I’m absurd, but the Hoosiers are in control of their own destiny on the road to Indianapolis for the chance to play in the conference championship.

Although Indiana has three conference losses this season, Wisconsin now has two. Moreover, the Hoosiers and Badgers still have a showdown a couple of weeks from now, which could help Indiana get the edge come season’s end.

Wisconsin has a bye week before they play Indiana, while the Hoosiers face Iowa this Saturday. Wisconsin has time to rest and study for Indiana, but they can also go into that game with a disadvantage if Indiana can knock off a very beatable Iowa squad and have the momentum going into that matchup with the Badgers in Bloomington.

After their game with Indiana, Wisconsin has a tough road ahead of them with their last two games of the season against Ohio State and at Penn State. Although these games are very winnable, Wisconsin is going to have to sprint to the finish line, not stroll across it as was assumed they would.

Although Indiana’s road is not easy with Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Purdue left; if they can manage to turn their play up a notch, they may find themselves in the driver’s seat to take the Leaders division spot in the title game. Talk is cheap, and there are obviously a lot of ifs, ands, and buts left this season, but going into week 10, the Indiana Hoosiers are in
control of their own destiny with a conference championship on the line!!!

No matter how watered down this year’s championship may seem, without suspended  Ohio State and Penn State in contention, a trip to Indy at the end of the season could be that first building block of the Indiana football program.

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  • Funny how in a month we've gone from Purdue threatening a trip to Indianapolis to Indiana. This is not the easy W it was two years ago. While IU is far from even in the discussion of being "for real" the fact they're playing meaningful football in November is proof that Kevin Wilson has this going the right direction. I don't think IU is ready for do or die quite yet, they have problems finishing the fourth quarter. I wouldn't be surprised to see them beat beat Iowa and/or Wisconsin, but I think the best the Hoosiers can realistically hope for is a 2-2 finish and knowing they're climbing.

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