Notre Dame Cancels Michigan Rivalry?!?!?

Notre Dame Cancels Michigan Rivalry?!?!?

Notre Dame has notified Michigan that they will be cancelling their series with the Wolverines after the 2014 season. This announcement is a result of Notre Dame’s recent deal with the ACC. The deal states that the Irish will play five football games per season vs. ACC opponents once Notre Dame moves their athletic allegiance the ACC starting in 2014. However, Notre Dame will still be considered an independent in football.

The idea that the Domers have decided to end their current relationship with Michigan is comical and sad. With Notre Dame’s five-game commitment to the ACC, seven games are left to be scheduled per season. Why is there not room for Michigan? Notre Dame has stated that they feel their rivalries with USC, Stanford, and Navy are more important to keep intact year-in and -out.

USC, I’ll give them. That is a better rivalry for Notre Dame than Michigan, but Stanford and Navy? The only reason Notre Dame values Stanford and Navy over Michigan is because they have a better chance of consistently beating them. Yes, they will consistently get beaten by USC, but again, that is a rivalry they simply could not end.

The idea that Notre Dame has to cancel ANY current rivalry because of their ACC games is laughable! They already have three ACC opponents on their schedule this season, plus Pittsburgh, who will become a member of the ACC next season.  That represents four ACC opponents this season along with USC, Stanford, Navy, Michigan, Purdue, and Michigan State. What’s the problem with that schedule? The problem is that it just has one too many threatening opponents for the Irish. Why not ditch the team that has beat you five out of the last seven meetings?

What other explanation could Notre Dame possibly have for ending a series that provides a matchup between college football’s two most storied and successful programs? The only advantage the Irish receive from this decision is that they are removing a tough opponent from the schedule.

If there has been one criticism of Notre Dame over the years, it is that they have not been “Notre Dame” since they won their last national championship in????  1988. Replacing Michigan with an opponent like Virginia or some other weaker ACC team will not add to their legitimacy.

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. This is something Notre Dame has failed to recognize and accomplish for over 20 years. If Notre Dame wants to become a legitimate national contender again, they have to channel their inner Rockne and seek out the best opponents college football has to offer, not shy away from a great rivalry in favor of weaker opponents.


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  • I have returned. After a length of technical difficulties, I'm back. Before moving to my thoughts and observations of B1G football after 5 weeks and one conference weekend, the subject at hand. Why drop Michigan?

    This is just sad. A commitment to five ACC schools, not including (from what I hear from here in Indiana) Boston College who is played every year anyway, leaves seven open dates. Notre Dame has always played Navy, SoCal, and Michigan State, Michiagn and Purdue. So that still leaves two dates to play teams worse than the light competition promised by the likes of Wake Forest, NC State, Duke and Virginia. In the past three years it has surfaced that Notre Dame has considered putting their series with Michigan and Purdue on hiatus. It has been stated that in order for Notre Dame control there desired scheduling of 7 home games, 4 road and a neutral site, and there recent commitment to now independent BYU , they had to change. It's sad and, more so confusing, that when Notre Dame is continually told to prove their relevancy, they ditch a B1G opponent for BYU and Navy.

    I know the posting was for Notre Dame-Michigan but, because I can, onto the conference as a whole. Beginning with the Leaders side.

    I just completed viewing my Badgers laying down faster than a losing pit bull at Michael Vick's house. Being outscored 30-13 in Lincoln after getting out to a 14-0 lead just minutes in. Has any B1G team been a bigger disappointment than Wisconsin? Iowa maybe but they smacked what could be a decent Minnesota team. Indiana and Illinois are horrible but they are playing as expected. More on IU later. Still as lack luster as UW has been, win at Purdue October 13, they will likely be back at Lucas Oil on December 01. Talk about backing in to a championship game. Remember fellow Leaders Division OSU and PSU are not eligible.

    Over in the Legends, that WILL come down to the last weekend. Cases can be made for Michigan, Mich St, Nebraska and even Northwestern. I think Michigan or Michigan are front runners here. Michigan hasn't looked all that impressive but they were against Bama and a good Notre Dame team. But what about Air Force you ask, the triple option is tough to defend no matter who you are. Nebraska's can be inconsistent on offense and defense. Northwestern is 5-0 but the wins were not vs. top teams in the SEC, ACC and Big East. The B1G poses stiffer competition.

    IU is so bad coach Kevin Wilson has demanded the band stop playing when IU is on offense and after first downs due to it distracting his no huddle hurry up offense. Guess after you finally beat a Division 1A opponent en route to a 2-14 start you can do that. The band capitulated faster than the IU defense, if that's possible. Speculation on local talk radio has it that if Wilson gets axed after this year, not that far fetched, maybe they could get Bobby Petrino. The area should sell itself. After all, Brown County, IN has beautiful motorcycling routes and no shortage of young hot blondes around campus. And this after they finally finish paying Kelvin Sampson to go away.

    B1G football may not be tops in the country, but the fight within is better than just about any conference can offer.

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