Please forgive me for the hiatus I have taken from the Legends and Leaders Ledger lately. The last month or so has been, for the most part, uneventful as we all impatiently awaited the return of football to our lives…And quite honestly, this is an offseason I would just as soon forget. After the initial news, I had no interest in writing about Penn State and how they planned to distance themselves from an era…Or how another Ohio State player was arrested…Or how Big Ten coaches were not happy with Urban Meyer’s recruiting practices…It has been an off-season much more messy and dirty than usual, and all I wanted was football back! At last, the time has come!!! I am sitting in my apartment watching a game that matters! As the fourth quarter begins in the Boise State @ Michigan State game, I find myself invigorated with this non-conference top 25 matchup! And I cannot wait to witness what this season of collegiate football will give us!

How will Urban Meyer’s first year at Ohio State go? How will Penn State bounce back after an awful off-season? Will Wisconsin repeat as champions? Will Michigan continue on their path back to conference and national prominence? What a great feeling it is to know that all questions will soon be answered! It’s a feeling unlike any other! IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

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