Was Last Season a Fluke for Michigan?

Was Last Season a Fluke for Michigan?

With Brady Hoke’s incredibly successful first season at Michigan, the question, now, is whether the Wolverines will continue on their road to success as a nationally prominent team or if they will slipup in 2012.

The answer to that question lies to a great extent in the hands of Denard Robinson. The Heisman candidate has, without question, the ability to lead the Wolverines to another double-digit-win season and BCS bowl berth. However, he does have a tendency to make careless throws that seem to hang in the air forever. This is, in large part, the reason for his 15 interceptions last season.

If Robinson has improved as much this offseason as in previous ones, expect his numbers in the turnover department to be much lower this season. Also, if Hoke has been able to continue to transform the offense into one more to  his liking, the offensive line and RB Fitzgerald Toussaint will take much of the pressure off of Robinson. Expect the offense to be even better than they were last season.

With seven returning starters on defense, including all three linebackers, Michigan appears to bring a strong unit to the field. The experience level  at both linebacker and in the secondary suggests that their pass defense should be better this season than last. However, their inexperienced line will have to step it up to get the job done in the trenches.

Although Michigan has a tough schedule with road games at Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State, their toughest game of the season comes in week one in Dallas, where they’ll face Alabama. Michigan stands a good  chance of starting their season 0-1, but the season opener will prove to be greatly beneficial. Alabama will be, by far, the best team Michigan faces all season. Win or lose, what they learn about themselves against, arguably, the best team in the country will be invaluable for the rest of the season.

Last season for Michigan was not a fluke. Brady Hoke, along with his coordinators, were the right guys to make the most out of the talent they inherited. With 13 combined returning starters from last season, they will field a great deal of talent and experience. And with an entire offseason to work with, expect Hoke and his crew to have the Wolverines fully prepared for a run at the conference championship in 2012.


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  • I expect UM to be very similar to last season. That being said, this question may not be answered until 2013. Hoke inherited an athletic QB like Robinson and isn't totally running his own offense, instead letting Denard do what he does and using the talent he was fortunate to inherit. I don't think too many people would argue he made the correct choice there. Hoke no doubt turned around a defense that would probably have trouble with some middle school football teams.

    This season starts as tough as you can get and Michigan will probably go back to Ann Arbor with an L......31-21 Bama in game that will look closer than that score. I think Michigan is 10-2 going to Indy for a Championship date and win over UW, heading back to the BCS.

    2013 will be the year we see exactly what Hoke brings to Ann Arbor when he has to do it without Robinson.

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