40% Is Good Enough For Me

40% Is Good Enough For Me

The Big Ten football season is over with another disappointing bowl record of 4-6. For a conference that is continuously trying to justify their football prowess, they have to do better than win less than half their bowl games. In fact, the Big Ten has only two winning records in bowl games since 2002; 2009 being their last, going 4-3.

Bowl Breakdown

Although a 4-6 record isn’t great, the Big Ten did pretty much as expected this bowl season. Purdue and Illinois both did as expected by beating Western Michigan and UCLA. Iowa lost to Oklahoma and Northwestern fell to Texas A&M, as expected. At that point, they were looking pretty good going into the 2nd with a 2-2 record. Then the wheels fell off.

Houston is a good team, but Penn State should have done a better job of sticking with them. I’m not totally surprised they lost, considering what has surrounded their team this season, but I am surprised they got blown out. South Carolina was a tough opponent for a so-so Nebraska team, especially when the terrible Nebraska team showed up as opposed to the pretty decent one. I was not surprised by that one at all.

Hats off to MSU for getting a tough win over Georgia, which is a good team in the SEC. Ohio State and Florida were a toss-up. It just happened to be Florida. Same with Wisconsin and Oregon; both teams played as expected with great offense and non-existent defense. Wisconsin was one poorly spent timeout away from overtime.

Michigan ended the season with a great win over Virginia Tech yesterday to at least give the Big Ten a .500 record in the BCS. Although people say Va. Tech may not have deserved a BCS bid, an 11-1 regular season record is damn good.

All-in-all, 4-6 isn’t as bad as it seems. The Big Ten is not as good as the SEC, but no conference is.

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