The Game: History By Helmets

Each helmet represents the winner of the Michigan/Ohio State game. You read it like a book; from top left of bottom right. The black helmets represent a tie. (I did not originally create this picture, but did edit it because it was out of date)

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  • That's a cool poster. I knew that UM was ahead in the series but was surprised how lopsided it still was after OSU had won 9 of 10. GO BLUE!!! Ohio = Worst State Ever.

  • I knew it was lopsided after the OSU run. I didn't know Michigan started out the series 13-0-2 though. Like I said, I had to edit it. Would I have to edit it again because Ohio State was forced to vacate their 2010 season? Does that game legally exist anymore? I never understood the point of vacating wins...Everybody knew what happened...OSU beat Michigan that year, just like Reggie Bush won the Heisman. I never agreed with deleting history...but that's for a different discussion.

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