Ohio State Bucked From Future Bowl

Ohio State Bucked From Future Bowl

Ohio State has been hit with a one-year bowl ban as a result of last year’s scandal, in which players sold team memorabilia in exchange for cash and tattoos. The scandal later led to Jim Tressel’s resignation as head coach.

Although the university offered a variety of self-imposed sanctions which included the vacation of the 2010 season and two years of NCAA probation (not the same as a bowl ban), the NCAA responded with a bowl ban for next season, an extra year of probation, and more scholarships taken away than Ohio State originally offered.

In addition to the sanctions imposed on the university, the NCAA also gave Jim Tressel a five-year “show-clause”. In a report done on former Tennessee’s head men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl’s show-clause penalty, it’s described as:

“A show-cause penalty is an order saying that for a set period of time, any NCAA penalties imposed on a coach involved in major rules violations at a university's athletic program will remain in force if he is hired by any other NCAA member institution. Both the school and coach are required to send letters to the NCAA agreeing to abide by any restrictions imposed, and report back to the NCAA every 6 months until the end of employment or the show-cause, whichever comes first. If the school wishes to avoid the NCAA restrictions imposed on that individual, it must appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions and "show cause" as to why it should not be penalized for hiring him.”

The penalty all but guarantees Tressel will have no chance at getting hired for the next five seasons.

Although he is putting on a brave face, this is not a great start for new head coach Urban Meyer and his Ohio State program.



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  • The only big deal here is the bowl ban, and that falls on Gene Smith and Gordon Gee for not banning themselves this year. Just like Pete Carroll bailing out of LA knowing the NCAA was about to bring down the hammer, Meyer knew that the most he'd get was just what the NCAA did....or he doesn't take the job. Losing 9 schlorships over 3 years isn't that big of deal at a football factory like OSU.

    As for Tressel......there's a reason he wound up on the game day staff for the Colts........the blue sweater vests are being knitted as I type.

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